Indian Investigating / Intelligence Agencies / Organisations / Organizations / Agency / Department / Body /Bodies fighting Economic & Drug Offences / Crimes (Customs, Foreign Exchange, Central Excise, Income Tax manipulations & drug / narcotics smuggling / trafficking) are functioning under Indian Union Ministry of Finance viz. Central Economic Intelligence Bureau-CEIB, Directorate General of Revenue Intelligence-DGRI or DRI, Directorate of Enforcement-ED, Directorate General of Anti Evasion-DGAE and Directorate General of Income Tax Investigation

The Charter of Directorate of Revenue intelligence

a)Collection of intelligence about smuggling of contraband goods, narcotics, under-invoicing, over-invoicing etc. through sources of India and abroad, including secret sources;

b)Analysis and dissemination of such intelligence to the field formations for action;

c)Working out intelligence directly, where necessary;

d)Keeping watch over important seizures and investigation cases;

e)Associating or taking over the investigations which warrant specialised handling by the Directorate;

f)Guiding important investigations/prosecution cases;

g)Functioning as the liaison authority for exchange of information among ESCAP countries for combating international smuggling and customs frauds in terms of the recommendations of the ESCAP conference;

h)Keeping liaison with foreign countries, Indian Missions and enforcement agencies abroad on anti-smuggling matters;

i)Keeping liaison with the CBI and through them with the INTERPOL;

j)Coordinating, directing and controling anti-smuggling operations on the Indo-Nepal border;

k)Refering cases registered under the Customs Act to the Income Tax Department for action under the Income Tax Act;

l)Keeping statistics of seizures and prices/rates etc. for watching trends of smuggling and supplying required material to the Ministry of Finance and other Ministries; and

m)Studying and suggesting remedies for loopholes in law and procedures to combat smuggling.

Contact Information for Directorate General of Revenue Intelligence

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